Get To Know All About Thread Veins

Thread veins are small blood vessels that are visible on the surface of the skin. They appear like red or purple fine lines on skin. Thread veins are also known as broken veins or spider veins. They are much of cosmic concern as they make the appearance of your skin quite ugly. Thread veins usually occur on leg and face. In Belfast, thread veins is a common problem. No matter whether you are a male or female, thread vein problem can trouble anyone anytime. Belfast thread veins specialists provide best treatment for removing thread veins from your legs and face.


Thread veins cannot be visible on skin until they are filled with blood. Veins are usually white in color when they are without the blood. Thread veins can be small or bigger. Larger thread veins appear to be dark red as blood usually flows slowly in larger sized thread veins. Thin thread veins usually appear to be pink or red in color. Blood flows inside the thin thread veins at a fair speed. Thin thread veins are less visible on skin as compared to larger sized thread veins.


Thread veins usually occurs with increase in age. With age, blood vessels and skin becomes less elastic thus it easily becomes prone to various skin problems including thread veins. Hormonal changes are also responsible for development of thread veins. Women are comparatively more prone to development of thread veins on their skin because lots of hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and menopause. Other factors that can cause development of thread veins are direct exposure to extreme temperature, sunbathing, radiotherapy, etc.


There are several treatments that prove to be effective in removing thread veins such as sclerotherapy, laser therapy or combination of both of these. Electrolysis is a less popular treatment for thread veins. Laser treatment is the most popular one. Laser treatment is available widely and most of the surgeons use this treatment to remove thread veins. Various types of lasers are used in this treatment. Longer wavelength laser is used for treating and removing darker and larger sized thread veins. Laser light is used to detect fine thread veins.

In sclerotherapy treatment, tiny needles are used to inject scelerosant solution to remove the thread veins. This treatment is quite painful as needles are used on skin. In laser treatment, heat is used to destroy the tissues to remove thread veins but you will not feel any type of pain or burning. Laser treatment is safe and effective for removing thread veins. That is why most of the surgeons and specialists prefer laser treatment. Laser treatment is available all over the world. If you are suffering from the problem of thread veins; you can get this treatment by the specialists.