UV Disinfectant A Better Choice

There are several types of microorganisms present that cannot be spotted with naked eyes but they are harmful. They can be airborne or present on the surface. Some facilities like hospitals require total disinfection for which most of them use chemicals. The major drawback of chemical disinfectant is that it only kills the bacteria and pathogens that are present on the surface only, not the ones that are present in the air. This is why UV disinfection machine is better and a much effective option. It kills almost all the microorganisms present in the environment.

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Benefit of UV disinfection machine

The UV light has the ability to kill any type of bacteria, protozoa or virus. The UV rays that are emitted by the sun are mostly absorbed by the ozone layer so earth receives very low-intensity rays. But, UV disinfectant machines can emit high intensity UV rays which can kill any microorganism. The UV light is basically electromagnetic radiation which has a very short wavelength that sterilizes the surface and the air on its way. It can also be used to disinfect water. Another advantage of using UV disinfectant is that it is environment friendly.

How do UV rays work?

The UV rays from the UV disinfectant machine attacks on the DNA and RNA of microorganisms. This makes them completely inactive. Thus, they can neither infect their surroundings nor they can reproduce. That is why it is a better choice to be used as a disinfectant in some industries, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and more. It destroys the nucleic acid of pathogens like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and more.