Feet are often the most overlooked parts of the body and thus are more likely to suffer from issues. It is essential to pay attention to the foot as it might give you huge trouble if it gets infected or it might get painful due to reshaping. To prevent any such situation and seek consultation, people in Nashville consider visiting a podiatrist. Expert doctors from www.cefootandankle.com excel in podiatry in Nashville and will be able to give you the best services. However, before you opt for one of them, you must know the most common issues that you can encounter with your feet.

Here are a few of them.

Athlete’s foot  – One of the most common issues is the athlete’s foot. This is a fungal infection in the skin between the toes. The condition results due to a fungal infection. The fungus develops in the warm and damp areas like inside the shoes or steam baths, around and inside the pools, etc. The fungus is spread by clinging to the floors and then to the feet. An athlete’s foot can initially go unnoticed but can cause pain, discomfort, and itching and can further spread to the skin or other parts of the body being highly contagious.

Bunions – This is a foot condition that causes the development of a bump on the toe joints. The condition can cause the slight inward turning of the big toe. The condition is mostly caused by wearing narrow and tight footwear and as such women are more subjected to it. The tight shoes put pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint, which is the point where the bone of the big toe meets the bone of the foot.

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